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Combining Years of Industrial Expertise & Academic Capabilities to Deliver Contemporary Courseworks

Growing steadily since its establishment as an independent entity in 2015, the School of Mathematics (SOM) is a dedicated academic unit contributing to the mission and vision of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET). School offers two programs at PG level, namely M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing and M.Sc. in Mathematics. The masters’ programs are designed to build strong foundations in core areas of higher mathematics and to provide extremely strong technical knowledge to the students who would typically take up careers – in academia or in industry. School offers Ph.D. program in various specializations of both pure and applied mathematics. School provides students with experiences that will assist them in achieving their career goal as leaders in mathematics.

Why School of Mathematics, TIET

The faculty in the School is committed for quality teaching & research in mathematics and its related areas with modern infrastructure and syllabus. Along with the stand alone research in pure mathematics, we also focus on industrial and real life applications of mathematics. Working on cutting edge of the science and technology, our faculty and students are committed to be at par with the academic fertinity and industrial R&D on international level.

DST FIST Sponsored

As a part of infrastructural project of Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, under FIST funding, a budget of Rs. 54 lakh has been allocated for the setting up of the School’s own library and research lab.


  • To offer Professional degree programs in Mathematics designed to develop full professional potential of students.
  • To produce proficient graduates for employment in technologically challenging areas in academia and industry.
  • To provide foundational support in mathematics for various academic programs across the institute.
  • To carry out quality research in pure and applied mathematics.
  • To ensure the attainment of goals in accordance with the institute’s thrust and directions.


  • To be recognized as global excellence model in research and education in Mathematics.

Message from Head of the Department

Dr. Satish Kumar

At SOM, we strongly believe in a holistic growth of our affiliates which further fosters a vibrant and sustainable academic ecosystem. The role of mathematics research and education has evolved over the decades. It is imperative to adapt to the changing demands of industry and the society at large by training the next generation of students with modern era skills and competence. The development of skilled employable student graduates is at the heart of what we strive towards on a continuous basis. This includes development of updated curricula on a regular basis as well as continuously updating our laboratory and computing infrastructure. Towards this effect, let me share with you an important milestone achieved by SOM recently in successfully bidding for a Department of Science and Technology (DST-FIST) sponsorship that will be used over the next five years to further modernize our computational laboratory and departmental library facilities.

Currently, we are offering our flagship Masters in Science MSc (Mathematics and Computing) and M.Sc.(Mathematics) programs with the objective of integrating advanced mathematical learning with computing skills. The idea is to prepare graduates who are ready to be absorbed by the booming software industry all along having the extra edge of having a strong mathematical foundation. Within a decade since its commencement, we have had measurable success in terms of placement of our graduates in industry as well as students who have continued their academic profession as PhD scholars in different international universities.

We have a dedicated team of well qualified faculty, all of whom have PhDs from reputed universities in India and abroad, who are constantly pushing the boundaries of cutting edge research and teaching methodologies. Once again, I invite all of you to connect with us and explore the plethora of opportunities that we have to offer to you.

Excellence-oriented Academic Programmes

250 acre campus offering comprehensive mathematics programmes

School offers programs that enable students to take up a variety of careers in academics, research and industry. The following programs are designed to enhance the students’ ability to apply analytical and theoretical skills to model and solve mathematical problems.

Research-Intensive Training

Delivering excellence via varied research avenues, trained faculty and innovation

Research Facilities

The School of Mathematics has also been identified for support by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the FIST Program.

  • Computer Lab (equipped with 24 computers and MATLAB software).
  • School’s own library.

Major Research Areas

  • Real Analysis
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Mechanics
  • Optimization, Integer Programming, Numerical Optimization, Duality Theory(Optimization)
  • Fuzzy Optimization
  • Number Theory-Partition Theory
  • Fourier Analysis, Functional Analysis
  • Soft Computing, Artificial Neural Network
  • Inverse Problems
  • Numerical PDE
  • Fixed Point Theory, Approximation Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Modelling of Transport
  • Approximation Theory
  • Numerical Analysis (for ODE and PDE), Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling of Hamiltonian systems

Ongoing Sponsored Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Designation of Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Name of Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned in Lakhs (Rs.) Duration  Year of Sanction
1 Dr. Meenakshi Rana Associate Professor NBHM 14.40 3 years 2016
2 Dr. Parimita Roy Assistant Professor SERB, DST 16.34 3 years 2017
3 Dr. A.K. Lal(PI) and Dr. Ankush Pathania (Co-Investigator) Professor &  Associate Professor CSIR 16.96 3 years 2017
4 Dr. Satish Kumar Associate Professor SERB, DST 16.00 3 years 2017
5 Dr. Parmjeet Singh Assistant Professor DAE, NBHM 13.19 3 years 2017
6 Dr. Kavita Assistant Professor SERB, DST 6.60 3 years 2018
7 Dr. Sapna Sharma Associate Professor SERB, DST 6.60 3 years 2018
8 Dr. Satish Kumar Associate Professor CSIR 13.37 3 years 2018
9 Dr. Mamta Gulati Assistant Professor SEED Grant 3.50 2 years 2018
10 Dr. Sumit Chandok Assistant Professor SERB, DST 35.16 2 years 2019
11 Dr. Amrik Sen Assistant Professor DST 32.91 2 years 2019
12 Dr. Meenakshi Rana Associate Professor SERB, DST 6.60 3 years 2020
13 Dr. Deepak Gumbar Professor SERB, DST 6.60 3 years 2020
14 Dr. Deepak Kumar Gumber Associate Professor SERB, DST 20.00 3 years 2016
15 FIST Project    DST 54.00 5 years 2019
  • Major Milestones

  • Established FIST Sponsored Library & Computational LAB in 2019

    Established One 

  • Research Projects Worth Rs 58 Lakhs in 2019


  • 08 Doctoral Degree awarded in 2019


  • Organized International Conference on NTCSF in 2019

    Organized International Conference on NTCSF in 2019

Choicest faculty to lead you to the pinnacle of success

The faculty in the School is committed for quality teaching & research in mathematics, its related areas with modern infrastructure and syllabus. Along with the stand alone research in pure mathematics, we also focus on industrial and real life applications of mathematics. Working on cutting edge of the science and technology is the need of the hour, our faculty and students are committed to be at par with the academic fertinity and industrial R&D on international level. The school invites experts for lectures from places in and outside India. Faculty & students of department also go for workshops and conferences (national and international), where they present their work and get to know about the latest developments in the field.

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    School of Mathematics together with The Futures First Academy organized a FREE 2-day certificate course on Derivatives & Global Finance on Feb 6-7, 2020 for Thapar students.

  • 15 Feb

    School of Mathematics, TIET Patiala together with Thapar Mathematical Society (TMS) organized a one day workshop on differential equations and MATLAB on 15th Feb 2020 (Saturday).

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