Research-Intensive Training

Delivering excellence via varied research avenues, trained faculty and innovation

Major Research Areas

  • Real Analysis
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics
  • Integer Programming, Optimization- Numerical , Duality Theory, Fuzzy Optimization
  • Number Theory-Partition Theory
  • Fourier Analysis, Functional Analysis
  • Soft Computing, Artificial Neural Network
  • Fixed Point Theory, Approximation Theory
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Modelling- Transport, Hamiltonian systems
  • Numerical Analysis (for ODE and PDE)

Ongoing Sponsored Projects

S. No. Name of the research Project Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Name of Funding Agency Amount sanctioned (Rs. In Lakhs) Duration
1 DST-FIST Program SOM, Faculty DST 54 2019-2024
2 On Rogers-Ramanujan-Slater type identities and related topics in Partition Theory Dr. Meenakshi Rana SERB, DST 6.6 2020-2023
3 Probability that an Automorphism of a Finite Group Fixes an Element of the Group Dr. Deepak Gumbar SERB, DST 6.6 2020-2023
4 Some Best Approximation Problems in Abstract Spaces Dr. Sumit Chandok NBHM-DAE 16.149 2020-2023
5 Theoretical Investigation of disordered vehicular traffic dynamics in context to Indian roads Dr.Sapna Sharma DST 29.18 2021-2024
6 Function approximation and generalized Bezier curves generated by some positive linear operators Dr. Meenu Rani NBHM 15.14 2021-2024



Completed Sponsored Projects

S. No. Name of the research Project Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Name of Funding Agency Amount sanctioned (Rs. In Lakhs) Duration
1 On L1-Convergence of trigonometric series with special coefficients Dr. Jatinderdeep kaur (PI) &
Dr. S.S. Bhatia (Co-PI)
UGC 9.72 2013-2016
2 Automorphisms of Finite p-Groups Dr. Deepak Kumar Gumber UGC 60 2013-2016
3 Non-Inner and Class-Preserving Automorphisms of Finite p-Groups Dr. Deepak Kumar Gumber NBHM 10.115 2014-2017
4 Higher order Discontinuous Gelerkin method for unsteady incompressible Navier Stokes Equation Dr. Sapna Sharma DST 13.32 2014-2018
5 On q-series Split n-colour partitions ans F-partitions Dr. Meenakshi Rana CSIR 15 2016-2019
6 On Combinatorics of q-series, Rogers- Ramanujan type identities and split n-color partitions Dr. Meenakshi Rana NBHM 14.4 2016-2019
7 Divisibility Conjecture and Existence of Non-Inner Automorphisms of order p for Non-Abelian Finite p-Groups Dr. Deepak Kumar Gumber SERB, DST 20 2016-2019
8 Extinction risk analysis: An approach to preserve endangered species Dr. Parimita Roy SERB, DST 13.05 2017-2020
9 Mathematical modeling of equilibrium structures and oscillations of rotating stars in binary systems using modified Roche equipotential Dr. A.K. Lal(PI) and Dr. Ankush Pathania (Co-Investigator) CSIR 16.96 2017-2020
10 Study of surface and LAMB Type Wave Propagation in the context of Size Dependent Piezoelectricity Dr. Satish Kumar SERB, DST 16 2017-2020
11 Modelling and simulation of three-dimentional magnetohydrodynamic Nanofluid flows over a stretching surface Dr. Raj Nandkeolyar SERB, DST 16.233 2017-2020
12 Numerical analysis of tumor growth models using Discontinous Galakin Techniques Dr. Parmjeet Singh DAE, NBHM 13.19 2017-2020
13 On class-preserving automorphims of finite groups Dr. Hemant Kalra SERB, DST 6.6 2018-2021
14 Compression and representation of biological shapes and signals using diffusion wavelet Dr. Kavita SERB, DST 6.6 2018-2021
15 Understanding traffic dynamics via lattice hydrodynamics approach: Modeling, analysis & simlation Dr. Sapna Sharma SERB, DST 6.6 2018-2021
16 Study of wave propagation phenomena in the context of size dependent elastic theories Dr. Satish Kumar CSIR 13.37 2018-2021
17 Iterative Algorithms and Stability of Functional Equations in Quasi-Banach Spaces Dr. Sumit Chandok SERB, DST 35.156 2019-2021
18 Construction of a Reduced Model for Investigating Dispersion of Pollutants by Atmospheric Wave Turbulence in the Atmospheric Boundary layer Dr. Amrik Sen DST 32.91 2019-2021
19 COVID pandemic management based on real time detection of airborneviral load in hospitals Dr. Amrik Sen BT, MINISTRY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 42.21 2020-2021
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