Research-Intensive Training

Delivering excellence via varied research avenues, trained faculty and innovation

Research Facilities

The School of Mathematics has also been identified for support by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the FIST Program.

  • Computer Lab (equipped with 24 computers and MATLAB software).
  • School’s own library.

Major Research Areas

  • Real Analysis
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Mechanics
  • Optimization, Integer Programming, Numerical Optimization, Duality Theory(Optimization)
  • Fuzzy Optimization
  • Number Theory-Partition Theory
  • Fourier Analysis, Functional Analysis
  • Soft Computing, Artificial Neural Network
  • Inverse Problems
  • Numerical PDE
  • Fixed Point Theory, Approximation Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Modelling of Transport
  • Approximation Theory
  • Numerical Analysis (for ODE and PDE), Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling of Hamiltonian systems

Ongoing Sponsored Projects

S. No. Name of the research Project Name of the Principal Investigator/ Co Investigator Name of Funding Agency Amount sanctioned (Lacs) Year of sanction
1 On q-series Split n-colour partitions ans F-partitions Dr. Meenakshi Rana CSIR 15 2016
2 On Combinatorics of q-series, Rogers- Ramanujan type identities and split n-color partitions Dr. Meenakshi Rana NBHM 14.4 2016
3 Extinction risk analysis: An approach to preserve endangered species Dr. Parimita Roy SERB, DST 13.05 2017
4 Mathematical modeling of equilibrium structures and oscillations of rotating stars in binary systems using modified Roche equipotential Dr. A.K. Lal(PI) and Dr. Ankush Pathania (Co-Investigator) CSIR 16.96 2017
5 Study of surface and LAMB Type Wave Propagation in the context of Size Dependent Piezoelectricity Dr. Satish Kumar SERB, DST 16 2017
6 Numerical analysis of tumor growth models using Discontinous Galakin Techniques Dr. Parmjeet Singh DAE, NBHM 13.19 2017
7 Compression and representation of biological shapes and signals using diffusion wavelet Dr. Kavita SERB, DST 6.6 2018
8 Understanding traffic dynamics via lattice hydrodynamics approach: Modeling, analysis & simlation Dr. Sapna Sharma SERB, DST 6.6 2018
9 Study of wave propagation phenomena in the context of size dependent elastic theories Dr. Satish Kumar CSIR 13.37 2018
10 Iterative Algorithms and Stability of Functional Equations in Quasi-Banach Spaces Dr. Sumit Chandok SERB, DST 35.156 2019
11 Construction of a Reduced Model for Investigating Dispersion of Pollutants by Atmospheric Wave Turbulence in the Atmospheric Boundary layer Dr. Amrik Sen DST 32.91 2019
12 On Rogers-Ramanujan-Slater type identities and related topics in Partition Theory Dr. Meenakshi Rana SERB, DST 6.6 2020
13 Probability that an Automorphism of a Finite Group Fixes an Element of the Group Dr. Deepak Gumbar SERB, DST 6.6 2020
14 Mathematical model for cancer treatment: In silico, in vitro, and in vivo strategies for developing a protocol for treat-ing gastric cancer by invoking innate immunity using thermally treated Heli-
cobacter pylori coated with iron oxide nanoparticles
Dr. Amrik Sen CEEMS 25.1 2020
15 Some Best Approximation Problems in Abstract Spaces Dr. Sumit Chandok NBHM-DAE 16.149 2020
16 Theoretical Investigation of disordered vehicular traffic dynamics in context to Indian roads Dr.Sapna Sharma DST 29.18 2021
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